Halo (Xbox) - ZX's Multiplayer/Campaign 101 class
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Here's some tips to guide to be on the top in the best first person shooter out there. C'mon and take ZX's class. Take note that I make a LOT of references to my favorite weapon the shotgun, which my Halo buds have nicknamed my shotgun, "Rosco", just b/c of how many kills I rank up once I get it.

4. Learn all the weaknesses for all the enemies. Here's a list of all the easiest ways to take out the hardest of foes:
a. Hunters - These guys may have that high powered fuelrod cannon and a shield and heavy armor but they're easy to take out if you manage to hit them in the back in the orange area with one shot of the pistol (its the easiest to do this with along with the sniper rifle). All the other weapons work effectively too if you manage to hit them there in that spot. Or you can go commando like me and take him down with a head shot point blank with the shotgun that should kill his ass one shot as well.
b. Elites - These guys can really be some bastards at times, especially in later levels on higher difficulties. One effective method to take them out is to keep the pressure on them as they have sheilds just like Master Chief does. Or if you're really good, you can sneak up behind them and melee them for a one hit wonder. As with those gold elites with the swords I suggest you do a football pass aka Plasma Grenade on his face and run. Plus there's always the plasma pistol overcharge feature which will blow out the Elites' shields for you can kill them easily.
c. The Flood - A shotgun and assault rifle is a must in my opinion. The shotgun wipes out most of the bigger Flood in 1 or 2 shots while the assault rifle works as clean up for the smaller ones. Make sure you shoot them when they're on the ground too, b/c the Flood like to play dead and jump back up to get you.
d. Master Chief (multiplayer only) - The Chief goes down off the following with ease: a melee shot to the back of the head (it just takes one), point blank shotgun blast, 3-5 headshots with the pistol, being ran over, a headshot of the sniper rifle, among many other things.


"Gang bang on his ass folks!"

1. Play thru Single-Player and Co-Op with a friend on all the difficulties. This way you'll be familiar with several tactics on how and when to use what weapons in what situations.
2. The shotgun is your best friend. This is my preferred weapon of choice since it can kill just about ANY human, Covenant, or Flood with one or two shots if you're good. Or if you're like me, you can take on 3 people at once and rake up kills with this "easy to clear a crowd" weapon. Just remember to keep this baby reloaded at the max 12 shots.
3. Keep a lot of Grenades handy. The Plasma Grenades are really effective against just about ANYONE who likes to run up to you to try to melee you. So even if they get you, you'll get them in like 3 seconds later and possibly someone else next to them if you're lucky. The Frag Grenades are good for crowd control as you can throw a couple of these into a firefight and watch the bodies fly. If you practice a lot, but you can learn the "football pass" as how my buds and I call it with Plasma Grenades. It's simple to learn. If someones gets a Plasma Grenade on you, get one right back on him before you die, so it's like you're passing his grenade right back at him. Take note though, it takes a while to learn how to aim with grenades.

This is my infamous playing style

5. Learn to drive all the vehicles. I know the vehicles are hard to drive at first but if you play the game enough, the controls will seem easier with practice. The one I suggest you master driving is the Warthog. In campaign mode, it's your best friend if you manage to get some Marines to ride shotgun with you as the passenger and gunner. You can get this baby into all kinds of places and raise some hell. One maneuver to learn is to hook the back of the Warthog (accelerate + right analog stick in opposite direction). In multiplayer, even when driving alone you can be a fierce force from other players circling around you on foot. I've even managed to knock a player out of Ghost if you do it at top speed and ram him in the hood of the Ghost. Once he's on foot, he's at your mercy for a one-hit kill via death by vehicle, but you still get credit for it. Don't forget vehicles like the Scorpion tank have subweapons too by pressing the Grenade button (L trigger by default). The Banshee has the best subweapon by far in my opinion, as it is the same fuel rocket Hunters shoot at you.
6. Being in a vehicle doesn't make you unstoppable. For me and the rest of my multiplayer buds this is a given. The easiest vehicle to be killed out of without even knowing what killed you is the Scorpion tank. A good player can aim at the cockpit and take you out with a headshot via sniper rifle, a rocket via rocket launcher, or a plasma grenade on the hood. A group of players can easily be killed from being all grouped up in a Warthog or riding on a Scorpion tank just from a simple explosion from any of the high impact weapons.
7. Edit your "Look Sensitivity". Most players don't know this but you can edit this in the edit profiles option. The higher you set this the better you are at strafing in close combat but makes it harder to snipe. Me, personally I set mine on either 6 or 7 just because me and my buds play at lot. If you set it on 10, you better have really steady hands for sniping.

 Good Weapon Combos
a. Shotgun + Assault Rifle = basic package for taking out the Flood in campaign mode
b. Shotgun + Plasma pisol = My personal fav combo; Overcharge blows out shields and shotgun finishes the job - excellent for Exiles and human players in multiplayer
c. Pistol + Sniper rifle =  the long range package; great for snipers and those who are good with head shots
d. Plasma pistol + Needler = the melee package; blow out shields then just melee them for an easy kill. Needler also can blind a sniper too plus they are highly effective if you manage to make all the needles hit their target.
e. Plasma pistol + Pistol = the ultimate melee package; these 2 weapons are the quickest to swing to melee attack someone. Blow their shields and have fun.
f. Rocket Launcher + Shotgun = the big bang package; If you don't kill them with the rocket then the shotgun will finish it up.
g. Plasma Rifle + Plasma Rifle = the Covenant package; If you can manage these weapons from overheating they are highly effective b/c of the no reload feature.