Become part of ZX's Staff
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I'm always open for ideas or help improving my site or stories. Below is a way to become part of my team of writers, artists, and fellow gamers.

  1. First of all, email me on Yahoo! at this address: 
  2. Next tell me what are you good at and introduce yourself. This same info will be provided on the space on this site you'll receive when/if you're accepted onto my creative staff. I can use any type of skills with this site, whether it's knowledge on ANY anime, video game, comicbooks, movie reviews, video game/anime reviews, etc.
  3. If you're a fellow writer or artist, I would like to see an example of your work as well. All of your work will be credited to you completely.
  4. If you want to write reviews or game guides you have to send a copy to me of what you plan on giving a guide for. #1 Rule on guides or reviews, I DON'T give in to fanboys or biased to rival consoles. Example: PS2 is better than Xbox or DBZ is the best show ever.
  5. After receiving your "resume" if you want to call it that you'll be notified ASAP if you're part of the team.