My Original Fiction
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Most of my freetime when not either watching anime or playing video games goes into my hobby of fictional writing. Some say my style of writing is borderline anime/manga or comicbook like and there's a reason for that. I used to draw out my stories but nowadays I don't have the time to do so. It's easier to get ideas down on paper as words. Feel free to browse through the stories.

List of stories:

B3 - Bullets, Blades, and Blood

This is my story that's heavily influenced by animes such as Inuyasha, The SoulTaker, Outlaw Star, along with video games such as the Devil May Cry series and the newest installment of Ninja Gaiden. Backstory - Croix, a bounty hunter, works on cases with his sorceress sister Elandra. They take any target for a price, one in particular who they are constantly searching for, but run into a bounty that will cause a lot of trouble in the years following.

Rebel Unit VVG

This is my approach at what a "mech anime" (anime involving giant robots) should be like. This story was inspired to me after my admiration for mech animes, namely the Gundam series, Voltron, Robotech/Macross, along with video games such as the Armored Core series and Zone of Enders.
Fighting Power
This is my approach to a superhero team. I'm constanting changing this story so that's why there are two versions of it.
Note: Fans of the FP team, they have made a cameo appearance in B3 Episodes 21 to 25.
Photo Gallery (Found on Part 2 of ZX Zone)
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