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Here's some links to other wonderful domains if you tire of this one:

Enjoy these as much as I do folks!

  1. Guardian Elements - This is a storytelling group I (ZX) joined as Colonel Mustang from Full Metal Alchemist. It's been kinda dead lately though.
  2. My Personal Spot at - Here you'll find all my stories/poems here for reading.
  3. Legacy of Kain.Net - This link will direct you to a download for the entire game script for LOK:Defiance and if you're a LOK fan like me you'll want that and want to join this group. There's even old school games to play in the games section lol.
  4. Tekken Zaibatsu - The ultimate Tekken site: moves, strategies, videos, screenshots, etc.
  5. Soul - The ultimate Soul Calibur site: moves, strategies, videos, screenshots, etc.
  6. Fighters' Generation - Listing and info on EVERY fighting game character to this date. Includes bios, gifs, and fanart.
  7. Final Fantasy Square - Find out about anything FF related. Even has an online shop too for FF gear if you're that much into it, lol. 
  8. MHHO's Megaman Megasite - Download entire soundtracks from the Megaman series: Original, X, Battle Network, Legends, Zero; in MP3 format. There's even movie downloads from the games as well.  
  9. Halo Download for AOL Instant Messenger - Halo fans rejoice! Let everyone you IM know you like Halo with this nice download.
  10. Guilty Gear Mega Fan Site - This is the ultimate site for one of the best heavy metal/rock influenced 2D fighting games out there. Hands down this game has some of the most original characters in my opinion.
  11. Inuyasha Manga Translations - If you're like me and have seen all the episodes and movies of Inuyasha but still want more, this is the site for you. Page by page translations of the Japanese mangas being released overseas.
  12. Inuyasha Journey - This is one of the best Inuyasha sites on the 'Net. It has everything Inuyasha - pictures, character bios, shrines, quotes, episode/movie summaries, music, etc.
  13. Yu-Gi-OH! Extreme - I'm a fan of the series as I think it's one of the most well thought out animes out there. Plus I LOVE the card designs and strategies involved in the show to win the duels. Still I wouldn't play it with the real cards but in the video games though. Here the site has EVERYTHING Yu-Gi-OH! fans would want, including info, news, tournament updates, episode summaries, emulators, etc.
  14. Shuffle Alliance Test - For G Gundam Fans only!! Take the test and see which Shuffle Crest you deserve!
  15. Legend of Mana's Gameboy Advance Roms - Here find 100s of GBA roms for your entertainment!
  16. Final Fantasy VIII Kingdom - The biggest fan site to my knowledge on FF8, including walkthroughs, character bios, screenshots, desktop backgrounds, and even downloadable CG cutscenes from the game. It has tons of GIFs from FF7 to FFX-2.
  17. - One of the best sites on the 'Net to find about anything anime related that's coming to the US. They have wonderful scans and mp3's from your favorite animes.
  18. Fullmetal - Everything you want to know about your favorite alchemist and brother - episode and movie summaries, manga summaries, screenshots, etc.
  19. Devils Lair - EVERYTHING that you need to know about Devil May Cry, especially 3. Fanart, videos (in-game movies from DMC1,2, & 3, boss ownage, stylish combos, music videos, etc.), artwork, strategies, all can be found here.