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For fans of Final Fantasy - This is a story that uses characters from ONLY Final Fantasy VII and VIII after the events of Kingdom Hearts. I plan to write more chapters of this story, but with a different twist on some of my favorite FF character's lives after the crisises they faced in their respective titles.

Final Fantasy Fanfiction - Episode 1 - "Squall finds someone new"

Note: Before reading this story, please note that this story is NOT based on characters of my creation. I would like to thank the lovely folks at Squaresoft/Square Enix for creating Final Fantasy VII and VIII and those lovable characters that still have a place in my mind and heart. The only original character in this story is Shade and I owe that character as a commission to a fan of FF who wants to remain anonymous for now. Plus Im trying to be funny with this story please dont send me any emails about how I need to hold true to the plot of those games or how certain things shouldnt happen. Just try to get a laugh outta this please. This is my first crack at fanfiction so dont bite my head off. One more thing, if youre not a fan of FF dont read anymore further b/c you wont know who the hell these people are so save yourself a headache okay?


Preface: This story uses a combination of terms and words, terms, and characters from Final Fantasy VII and VIII so the best way to explain it that both of their worlds are combined into one, along with Kingdom Hearts Transverse Town. After Square / Disneys Kingdom Hearts, some FF characters got some makeovers in appearance, namely Sephiroth, Aerith (Aeris in English FFVII), Cloud, Cid, Yuffie, Selphie, and Leon (Squall in FFVIII). Ill be using the KH versions of everyone listed except for Selphie and Aerith. Selphie will be the FFVIII version one and I dunno whether to have Aerith still dead or not in this story. Send me some of your thoughts people on that.


"Squall, its over," says Rinoa Heartilly as she gets up from her bar stool in Tifas Seventh Heaven bar. Tifa Lockharts bar was relocated to Balamb Town after Midgar was destroyed after the Holy / Meteor incident one year ago.

Leon (AKA Squall Leonhart after FF8, according to Kingdom Hearts) replies, "What the fuck do you mean its over? Where did this come form all of a sudden?"

"Get real Squall. Ultimecia wasnt controlling me when I went off with Seifer once Edea Kramer regained her senses. I was just acting," smirks Rinoa.

            Seifer Almasy downs his beer and hot dog and says, "Yeah, chicken-wuss. We both played you. Cmon Squall, Im told you before about my ROMANTIC dream about being the knight of a sorceress and whos a better and more beautiful a sorceress than Rinoa here? (Rinoa leans over and kisses him on the cheek)."

            Fujin and Raijin (Seifers posse) begin to laugh at Leon. Fujin points at him and says, "PLAYED!!DUMBASS!!"

            Leon puts his hand on the handle of his gunblade and says, "I'll show you a dumbass alright."

            Cloud Strife stands in his way, "Leon, these are peaceful times now. Theres no need to shed blood today."

            Tifa adds (standing behind her bar), "Take it outside if youre gonna fight. There wont be any fighting in my bar no matter how much Gil you have."

            Seifer, Rinoa, Fujin, and Raijin laugh from their table. Seifer adds, "I dont need to prove nothing to you Squall. I already found a way to beat you and win. I took your heart away by stealing your girl! Besides, I dont feel like giving you another scar today, kid."

            Leon tries to advance towards them but Barret Wallace blocks the way, pointing his gatling gun arm at his face. "You heard Tifa. Get out if you gotta fight so badly or Ill blast you full of mutha fuckin holes right here. Choose wisely punk."

           " Whatever...Fuck this shit anyway. Im outta here. Move outta my way you psycho," says Leon as he storms out of the bar. Cloud and Tifa hold Barret back before he shoots Leon in the back as Barret begins one of his temper tantrums.

            Outside, Leon accidentally bumps into a girl and they both fall to the ground. "Oh, I'm sorry," he says as he helps her to her feet and gets a good look at her.

            From what he could tell she was a mage of some kind, maybe a black mage b/c she was wearing all black clothing since she was wearing a tall mage hat. She wasnt bad looking either as Leon eyed the tube top and skirt she was wearing complimented her body perfectly.

            After she brushed herself off, she stared in Leons face with her purple eyes and asks, "Is that place on fire since people are running out so fast? (Giggles) Just kidding. Hi, my name is Shade. Whats yours?"

            Leon grins at her joke and replies, "My friends call me Squall, but I prefer to be called Leon. Its a pleasure to meet such a funny and beautiful girl. (Italics is for Squalls thoughts not spoken out loud) I can't believe I'm hitting on this girl already and I barely know her! What am I thinking!? Oh well, I guess I must be already over Rinoa...heehee. I guess I better upgrade to the next hot chick huh?"

            She puts her hands on her hips and says, "I'm a woman, not a girl. Try not to forget that because I may I have to prove the difference (smirks playfully). Ummm, are you a SeeD by any chance? I just got transferred to Balamb Garden from Trabia Garden and I feel like such a fool wondering around here by myself. Could you show me around and keep me company? (Leans on his shoulder)"

            Leon blushes and replies, "Sure, I got a lotta free time now. Its no problem. So long Rinoa. Hello, ladies! I'll have to thank Rinoa later for breaking my ball and chains and she throwing away that whip. Good thing she didn't know about that night me and Quistis made out in the Training area after curfew."




Well, FF fanatics? What do you guys think? You want a continuation of this story?

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