Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (PS2) - Beating Boss' Bosses Guide

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Defeating The Boss' Cobra Unit
*Note - All the bosses can be defeated for their special camouflage if you deplete their Stamina Gauge instead of their Life Guage with the Tranqilizer Gun. Each special camo will be described at the end of every boss strategy. *
  1. Major Ocelot - This is just like the fight in the original MGS but you can use the surrounding to help as well. Remember his Colt Single Action Army only has 6 shots so find some cover and wait it out. Then pop out and take a few shots while he's reloading. Watch out near the end of the fight as his shots start bouncing off the walls to hit you. Shoot down the beehives in the nearby trees if you need assistance or kill any nearby animals to keep your Stamina Guage up. (Animals camo - better accuracy with weapons and hands don't shake)
  2. The Pain -  Use grenades to blow away his hornet shield and swim around underwater to avoid his attacks, especially when he says, "Tommy Gun!" Only come up for air and to toss a grenade and follow up with gun fire from your other weapons. (Hornet camo - controls bees instead of taking damage)
  3. The Fear - Use Thermal Goggles to find him in the trees and kill all the animals. Pick up the food for he wont have anything to refill his Stamina Gauge. If you're going for the non-lethal kill go ahead and drop some poison/spoil food if you have any in your inventory. Down wonder around too much as The Fear has the entire arena laced with traps. (Spider camo - high blending rating but drains stamina guage rapidly) 
  4. The End - This fight takes extreme patience. First of all, you'll have to locate that sniper rifle (Dragnov, I believe) in one of the nearby areas inside a supply hut. Use Thermal Goggles and follow his footprints on the ground. This boss fight is in all of the woods' nearby areas so use a combination of the map in the Survival Viewer (look at the sniping points) along with the Dragnov and Directional Microphone. DON'T stand out in the open either as 1 of 2 things may happen: 1.) He teleports next to you and shoots you for a heavy amount off your stamina guage. 2.) He instantly KO's you and locks you into a prison cell and you'll have to start the entire fight over. A better alternative is to crawl every step of the way. Use the D-Mic to listen to him breathing and/or sleeping.  If you can sneak up on him and hold him up 3 times he'll drop his Moss camo. But you have to get a non-lethal kill to earn his gun he's holding though. If you sneak up on him and he starts running, whip out that shotgun and chase after him. He'll fall down and you can repeat the shots. Pretty cheap but effective if you want to kill the old man. **BONUS METHOD** Set the clock on your PS2 to a week later if you saved during this fight with The End and load your save. A special cutscene will appear where he died from old age and waiting for Snake too long. LOL!! (Moss camo & The End's tranquilizer version of the Dragnov - standing in sunlight recovers your life guage slowly)
  5. The Fury - Simple, just let him fly around and do his thing. When he lands unload with your firearms. (Inferno camo - explosions and fire don't hurt as much)
  6. The Sorrow - Ok, this fight's difficulty depends on how many people you killed during the game as The Sorrow has the power to reanimate the dead to attack you as ghost. That Colt SAA you have can kill those ghosts but you have to wonder the river until you reach the end and locate The Sorrow's corpse to earn his camo. At anytime you can win this fight with Fake Death pill and the Revival pill at the Snake Is Dead screen.
  7. Volgin (The Retribution) Round 1 - Use CQC to throw him to the ground and hit him with either machine gun fire (if you got the Patriot don't let go of the trigger!) or M9 bullets. If you really want to be cheap for that non-lethal kill, don't move as soon as the fight starts and just toss Stun Grenades back to back.
  8. Volgin Round 2 - You can repeat the Stun Grenade method or dodge his powerful lightning attacks and repeat the CQC method.(Cold War camo - some enemy soldiers won't shoot you in the back)
  9. Shagohod - Use the RGB to fire at the treads of the Shagohod and wait until EVA drives to the back of it to damage it. When it fires it's main cannon you  can damage it in the front by firing at the dome on the side of the compartment that opens up. When it fires missiles, whip out a machine gun to shoot them down.
  10. Volgin Round 3 - Ok you're on foot this time but same rules apply. EVA is the decoy while you KO the treads again then follow up with the Dragnov. Two to Four head shots kills this clown for good. If you want to have some fun, get into a gun turret and fire at Volgin himself on top of the Shagohod. He'll block most of it but you'll still do damage to him. Don't stop and he'll keep blocking it but taking damage.
  11. The Boss (aka The Joy) - This is the main point in the game where CQC pays off the most. Use your Snow camo to blend in the best you can and stay crouched down for The Boss can't see you. Don't whip out any big weapons unless you KNOW you'll dish some major damage on her or she'll just disassemble your gun and take the ammo. Otherwise stick with the pistols and knife. If you happen to counter her CQC, QUICKLY turn around and punch-kick combo/CQC throw her to the ground and treat her like you did Volgin. (Snake camo - best all round, technically the Sneaking Suit from MGS1 with different colors)