Halo 2 (Xbox) - ZX's Multiplayer/Campaign 102 class

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This guide is for Halo 2 without the new multiplayer map package. I'll add those changes once I get a chance to play that. 

I. Changes from Halo: Combat Evolved
  • No health packs in this version, just one health point this time around. Master Chief's shields are tougher so fall damage does not apply anymore.
  • Sniping no longer requires a steady hand and aiming ahead, with the exception of vehicles.
  • Vehicles can be boarded now so you'll rarely be ran over.
  • Frag Grenades don't have as effective splash damage as in the original.
  • Rocket Launcher has a lock-on feature for vehicles now. Press in and hold the right analog stick and R-Trigger buttons to use this skill.
  • Melee attacks are not effective unless in the back.
  • Needlers deal effective amounts of damage.
  • Master Chief can now dual-weild two of the same or same weight weapons now. Don't get happy folks, there's still no DWing 2 Rocket Launchers, Brute Shots, Swords, or Shotguns.
  • The inclusion of the Covenant Elite's Sword as a weapon. Think of it as the Covenant's version of the Shotgun but it has a lunge feature that kills in one hit if you get a lock on.
  • In Campaign you can take the other Marines' weapons by walking up to them.
  • Vehicles take damage now and can be completely destroyed. Don't worry they respawn just like the Chief does.



II. Campaign
  1. This time around you switch between the ongoing tale of Master Chief and a new character (well not so new) the Arbiter. The Arbiter was the Elite leader of the Covenant forces on the original Halo that Chief blew up at the end of the original Halo.
  2. Arbiter has an unique stealth camouflage feature. Hit the white button to turn invisible and sneak up on your enemies for stealth attacks. Just take note that you are only invisible for a limit amount of time.
  3. Remember you are not the only one who can board vehicles. I've seen enemies ranging from Brutes to the Flood board a vehicle and kick me out of it.
  4. New enemies 
  • Brutes - These guys look like huge gorillas trying out for a football team. When they are close to death they drop their weapons and start charging towards you like a rhino. My favorite way to kill them is a Plasma and run. Their defense isn't that high because they don't wear armor, but their melee attacks are highly powerful.
  • Drones - These aren't that powerful but they will attack you like the smaller Flood do, in numbers. They look like mutated flies and are almost always holding a Plasma Pistol so watch out for those charged shots. A SMG or any other rapid fire weapon is handy against them.
  • Jackals - There are two different types now. There's the ones from the original Halo with the shields and there's the new type that can snipe and if I may add, VERY accurately. My only bit of advice is to get you a Sniper Rifle, get out of the open and look in every rooftop and corner to find these guys and ALWAYS take them out first.
  • Grunts - These weaklings of the Covenant's forces are nothing to fear except for the ones that are carrying the rare Fuel Rod Cannon. At least in Halo 2 you can pick this gun up for yourself. I've even heard of them driving vehicles now.
  • Elites - They are nearly the same from the original Halo but on higher difficulties they are equipped with optic camouflage and will whip out that Energy Sword on you in close range. The jetpack flying Elites can dual-weild so keep that in mind. NEVER underestimate Elites as they match Master Chief in every way possible. Also keep in mind that they can kick and jump over objects to get a better view of battle now. The Plasma Pistol to blow out their shields then a quick follow up with a Melee or more gunfire is still your best idea against them. Then there's always the football pass of a Plasma to the face too.
  • Hunters - Same as the original Halo but they have a new attack, a heavy beam cannon blast. Their weakness of that orange spot on their back is this the best method to take them out. Take note that Plasma Grenades don't work on them this time around. You'll be very lucky to get a one shot wonder on them in this version of Halo.

III. Multiplayer
  1. This time around its all about knowing which weapons to pick up, what DW combo suits your playing style, whether you're going to be a Spartan or an Elite, etc. To sum it up you've got a LOT of options of how to take on your opponents this time around.
  2. Know where that Energy Sword, Sniper Rifle, Shotgun, and Rocket Launcher are at ALL times along with the ammo packs for them lying across the maps for all the maps. Players are going to go for these weapons the most so you better know where they are for you can get some setups going as they try to get these weapons. If you can hold these weapons yourself for you can prevent the other players from ranking up kills quickly.
  3. Brute Shot. What can I say. This weapon is a pile of crap unless you're using the melee function or have someone pinned in a corridor with it. The grenades bounce too much when fired so you're going to have to factor that into your aiming.
  4. Snipers. Whether this is your playing style or not, you better know the map and figure out where a sniper would sit at. The best map for sniping is Coagulation hands down in my opinion. So many lovely spots to snipe from. If you are a sniper, DON'T stay in one spot for too long, especially if someone has spotted you. Make sure you don't shoot unless you think you can kill your target in 1-2 shots. Anything more and you're just wasting shots and exposing yourself.
  5. Shotgun. Physics with it from Halo CE don't apply here. It's bit slower than it was then and you're not able to take out other players in vehicles in 2-3 shots anymore either. Like in Halo CE but more so, the emphasis here is point blank range for instant kills with this baby. This is still one of my favorite  two-handed weapons with the Sniper Rifle at second.
  6. Battle Rifle & Covenant Carbine - In my opinion, these are the new Pistols for Halo 2. The Carbine is rarely on maps but it has as deadly accuracy as the Pistol from Halo CE did. The Battle Rifle packs a lot of power especially for mid to close range especially with its rapid bursts. It's long range game ain't that bad either.
  7. Energy Sword - In any game where there's just one sword and you have it get another gun as your secondary weapon and keep it out as you hunt down your prey. If someone sees you walking around with a huge sword that pretty much puts the bullseye on your back as the number 1 threat so the other players will be hunting you for that sword. Like I say, what they don't know won't hurt you. Then when you get into a fight use the gun first to act like that's your only weapon then whip out that sword at the last second and give them that surprise you've been hiding.
  8. DW Combos - OMFG there's so many good ones to use. I'll just mention a few notable ones.
  • Dual Magnums - Just aim for head shots and fan the triggers like its the old west and start piling the bodies. Only flaw in this combo is the ammo runs out quick so I suggest you stay near the ammo when it respawns.
  • Dual Needlers - This is a good rapid fire combo just make sure all those needles hit.
  • Dual SMGs - I only recommend this for close or mid-range b/c it's almost worthless. I wish they kept the Assault Rifle in.
  • Plasma Pistol w/ Magnum - This is just near godly if used correctly. The Plasma Pistol's overcharge would blow out your foes' shields then a well placed Magnum bullet to the face would finish the job in just 2 hits.
  • Plasma Rifle w/ Red Plasma Rifle - This is decent for those who don't want to worry about reloading but just don't hold your finger on the trigger for the Red Plasma Rifle too long as it overheats quickly.

Coming Soon - Vehicles: Why to ride them and why not