Megaman X7 (PS2) Mega Maverick Meltdown Guide

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Megaman's first entry on the PS2 console and it's the first X series title to feature 3D and 2D cel-shaded animated graphics. Unfortunately, some of these elements didn't please everyone as the game is glitchy in some parts and the voice acting is straight horrible in some parts too (*cough* Hyenard's boss fight...sorry I had to mute the TV *cough*)


The best weapon in the game to use on bosses for Axl as it's just as powerful as the X-Buster

Note: This boss walkthrough is made mostly considering you use only Axl and Zero. I know you can play as X too but I found Axl to a lot more useful than the Blue Bomber unfortunately, especially if you have the Auto-Repeat option turned on in the Options menu but turn it off when you play to use X. At anytime during this walkthrough you feel like you can't beat this certain boss now, skip him and come back when you've got more chips and Heart Tanks (rescue some more Reploids).
I. Intro Stage
Scorpion Mechaniloid - This is a cake walk boss fight just to make sure that you're comfortable with the controls. When he fires his tail shots at you, use Zero to deflect the shots back at him. Then switch back to Axl and aim for his weak spot, his head. Keep blasting away until he's toast.
II. Red Alert's Challenge - Dueling with the Captured Mavericks
  1. Soldier StoneKong - This is the easiest guy to start off with especially compared to some of the other harder Mavericks down the line. When he's jumping around or shooting his shield off, keep sending those Axl Bullets at this way or as Zero get behind him and perform a quick Z-Saber combo. To dodge his boulder split, use Zero and double jump before they explode while standing between them. Keep repeating the pattern and he'll go down shortly.
  2. Vanishing Gungaroo - This guy ain't that hard either as long as you got the Ride Armor from fight with the multiple Ride Armors intact. Destroy his Ride Armor with yours and try to score in as many hits as possible with your Rider Armor when he's on the ground. Fire Axl bullets at him or use Zero when you see an opening for a Z-Saber combo. When you knock off half of his life bar off, he'll power up like he's in DBZ or something and his attacks will get a bit stronger. The main attack to watch out for is the one when he says, "Triangle!" and he dives towards where you are with a punch. Keep firing those Axl Bullets and keep moving the camera to keep him in your sights. This may take a while but this guy will go down eventually, thus giving you one of the best weapons in the game period, for Axl.
  3. Tornado Tonin - This guy's level is harder than he is. Axl's G-Launcher is highly effective here, especially when his petals are gone from his core. This wears him down quite rapidly. Being able to strafe around him while rotating the camera works wonders as well. This guy is a joke you shouldn't have no problems here.
  4. Wing Crowrang - By now you should have X unlocked, so make a team of him and Zero. X's Buster shots make short work of him and Zero can slash through his homing missiles. If you do use Axl, his G-Launcher does some decent damage to wear him down when he's on the ship with you.
  5. Splash Warfly - I've found this boss fight to be annoying at first. Until I came up with an easy method to take this guy out. Axl and Zero would be just fine for this fight. As Zero, use Raijinshou when he jumps onto the platform saying, "Right over there!" for a big chunk of his life. Then quickly switch to Axl. When he's crotching down for his dash attacks, fire Volt Tornado to make a wall between you and him for he'll be paralyzed from the Tornado and more likely retreat with his usual "Later!" and dive into the water. When the Tornado runs out, switch over to Axl's G-Launcher for some heavy fire power like X's Buster. As for the homing fish he sometimes summon, a Volt Tornado should stop their advance. Make sure you jump and air dash to avoid his Splash Laser attacks since it does quite a deal of damage. Just make sure you have a SubWeapon tank ready just in case you may need it for recharging Axl's weapons.
  6. Flame Hyenard - This is the boss fight I hate the most out of this game. This is cheap and ridiculous at the same time. Make sure you press Select at the beginning of the fight to get a rather useful tip from Alia for once. Here's the best method I could come up with to beat this guy with. With the team of Zero and Axl, start with Zero and just run up to the Mechaniloid and double jump up it's legs and up onto it's back, where the real Hyenard stands. His other 2 buds will join you so be ready with Suiretsusen. Keep your eye on the real Hyenard and hit only hit as the others are decoys and he will only make more. Keep an eye on your footing too as the Mechaniloid you're standing on is forcing you to slowly slide downward. If you try to dash or jump out of the threesome of Hyenards, they will tackle you all at once for massive damage. I suggest you play as Zero until you either knock down half of his health or Zero is about to die then switch to Axl. When you hit him with Axl's Splash Laser, he'll be stunned and his clones will disappear. But he'll make them again. As the fight continues, the missiles will begin firing so make good use of Zero's Hadangeki to shield yourself or either destroy the missile tunnels with Volt Tornado. Make sure you got a SubTank of either Weapon/Life energy handy as this is a rough one.
  7. Ride Boarski - This guy is simple, but he does have a few cheap tactics so don't take him lightly either as he is assisted by Runnerbombs at the sides of the arena plus Boarski will attempt to ram you into the electrified fence. X and/or Axl are best suited against him as you're safer against Boarski with long range attacks. Boarski is weak at Circle Blaze which can trap him in a corner repeatedly for an easy kill ("HOLY MOLEY!! LOL) or cancel his charge attack (this is when he either charges straight at you or rides circles around you saying, "You punk, you punk, you punk!" When you run out of Circle Blaze, you have 2 options: if you're Axl, pull out ol' reliable, aka G-Launcher (Explosion's normal attack) and pummel him with this after he stands still after his charging attack (this should knock off half of his life if you manage to score 5 hits or more on him when he's standing still like a dumbass); or refill and finish him off with Blaze or Buster shots.
  8. Snipe Anteater - I strongly recommend Zero and Axl for this one. This is gonna be the hardest fight in the game. In my opinion, this guy is just as hard as Sigma at the end of the first X game and should be considered as one of the hardest X series bosses ever along with Hyenard. Ok, start off with Zero and dodge those whirlwinds and get close enough for effectively using Raijinshou (I recommend you by right next to him just enough for you to take a little hit of damage, but don't worry Zero is a tough cookie and he can take a lot of punishment whether you upgraded him with Chips or not). When half of Snipe Anteater's lifebar is gone, he'll summon his cannon bits (like Nu Gundam and Gundam Rose use). Zero should be near dead or close to it so switch to Axl and ready that Volt Tornado and dash and jump like a maniac to avoid getting hit by those devastating blasts from the bits. Like with Zero get close to Anteater and use Volt Tornado for it's maximum damage at point blank range. It shouldn't take more than about 5-7 Volt Tornado to finish him but if not, pull out that G-Launcher. By now you should know what to do. Now give yourself a pat on the back, you've just beaten one of the HARDEST X series bosses ever.

III. Palace Road

  1. Steamroller Mechaniloid - If you're having trouble in this stage, try this method. For the first half, use Zero as his double jump with come in handy and Axl in the second half with Circle Blaze equipped (normal attack not special just hold the button down if you got Auto-Repeat Option on). With Circle Blaze, Axl will fire in 2 directions which will make it easy for you to rid yourself of the nausances in front of you while running from the steamroller. As for the boss fight, use Circle Blaze (special weapon now) to destroy the roller. Don't even call Zero out for this fight this isn't his fight as close range attacks are too hard to attempt since the Roller moves too fast. Keep X and/or Axl out to take this guy down. When you run out of roller, pull out that G-Launcher or Buster shots to finish the job. Piece of cake.
  2. Red, Leader of Red Alert - Even though most people may disagree, I've found this fight to be WAY too easy. It's just the same arena as the fight with Gate in X6 but in 3D, and unlike Gate, this guy has a weakness: either Sniper Missile (Axl, X) or Hieijin (Zero). In my opinion, this is Zero's fight 100%. You can give Axl and X a rest. Not only that Zero's weapon his unlimited use, he has a double jump that you can use to save yourself from falling into that pit. The only thing you have to do to find the real Red in this fight, is locate the one on a platform with a shadow underneath him. Then just use Hieijin from a safe distance then jump to the next platform before Red counterattacks with a slash of his scythe. This fight is simply a bunch of jumping from platform to platform while hitting and running. To put it simple, if you had trouble with Gate on X6 then you can count on the same problems here. Also Red sometimes performs a tornado attack on some of the platforms. just simply move to the next platform before he executes the attack as he takes a while to perform it. If you do happen to use X and/or Axl, if you run out of ammo for the Sniper Missile, refill it or pull out G-Launcher (Axl) or rely on Buster shots with X.
  3. Capsule Room (All the Mavericks again) Here's a reminder of all of their weaknesses just in case as it's the same as before just that their life bar's are longer. Don't forget that G-Launcher (Explosion as normal attack for Axl) is your best friend and does EXCELLENT damage to all of the Mavericks, plus to just about any other boss in this game!
  • Vanishing Gungaroo - Wind Cutter/Souenbu
  • Soldier Stonekong - Explosion/Hadangeki
  • Wing Crowrang - Sniper Missile/Hieijin
  • Tornado Tonion - Wind Cutter/Souenbu
  • Ride Boarski - Circle Blaze/Bakuenjin
  • Flame Hyenard - Splash Laser/Suiretsusen
  • Snipe Anteater - Volt Tornado/Raijinshou
  • Splash Warfly - Volt Tornado/Raijinshou
  1. Sigma Form 1 (2D DNA Data Sigma) - Yea I guess Capcom wanted you to see the match against Sigma you should've had at the end of X6 (LOL he was lying down on the ground with a sheet over himself and barely attacked!) Still this is easy. I've found Sigma to be weak against all of these weapons: Wind Cutter/Souenbu, Sniper Missile/Hieijin , and finally G-Launcher if you can manage to hit him with it through those obstacles. An easy method to kill Sigma is with he's firing his rifle (it looks like he stole that from Wing Zero huh?) rapid fire, jump up to the top ledge and keep shooting at him with Sniper Missile/Hieijin and he shouldn't be able to hit you until he teleports into the background. Don't try to hit him then as you'll be wasting ammo. Instead just get out of the way of those shots. When you get him halfway dead (or sometimes even earlier than that), he'll start using his cannon. Duck to dodge and you can even hit him with some Sniper Missiles while you're ducking. Cheap but effective. You can also get in some G-Launcher shots in while he's pulling out or putting away his cannon. Soon this clown is toast. But it's not the end...get ready for....
  2. Sigma Form 2 (3D Goliath Sigma) - Now this one is tricky and cheap. The only two weapons that can hit him from far away in the background is Sniper Missile and Hieijin. I recommend you stay on the platform you start on as the others are too easy to knock you off of. Zero is vital for this fight as he can knock Sigma's fireballs back at him for damage when he fires 3 fireballs at you when he's close to the platform you're standing on. There's cues for his attacks you will have to memorize. For example, if he just stands in the background looking stupid, chances are that he's gonna dash towards the platform you're standing on with a punch that hurts a LOT (over half life folks). Dash outta the way quickly and switch to Axl and it's time for Sigma to feel the pain of G-Launcher like everyone else in this game. When he shoots the 4 green spheres into the air, either wait for the first one to drop (move at the last second to avoid getting hit) and walk around it for the another 2 to fall then back to the space the first was when it blows (do like before to avoid the last) and you will dodge them all without taking a hit; or as Zero just use Gokumonken to cancel them out. When he gets into the center of the arena, this is your chance for Sniper Missile, you can get 2 hits off with that while dodging his 2 sweeps of his belly laser. Keep going with the simple attack pattern he has and he will get faster as he nears death. The ending you get will depend on what character you kill him with.


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