Final Fantasy VIII GF Guide and Defeating Omega Weapon
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Here's some simple tips and strategies to help you in your quest to defeat Ultimecia:


I. Defeating Omega Weapon

Set-Up: Junction Meteor to Str, Death to ST-Def, Eden GF to Rinoa, Card Mod Gilgamesh and Laguna cards for 100 Heroes and 10 Holy Wars, Item and Restore abilities to Zell,
Revive ability to Squall, 100 Full-Lives to Rinoa (100 of all magic listed)
Strategy: When you start the battle, cast Aura on Squall and Zell. Next, use a Holy War to make the party invincible. Rinoa should call Eden and Squall and Zell should use limits on Omega. If Aura wears off, have Zell wait until each party members' invincibility to wear off. Use Heroes for individual invincibility and Holy Wars for the entire party. No matter what, have Rinoa keep calling Eden. If Zell or Rinoa die, hvae revive them quickly. Your
invincibility should last as long as you're not using curative magic on yourself. It should last for at least 5 turns at max. Even if "Lionheart" activates for Squall, don't get happy, because it won't kill Omega as it did to Ultima. DEFINITELY cast Meltdown on Omega to deal massive damage to him with your attacks. If you're doing this right with both of Squall and Rinoa's turns, you should be dealing about 70,000 HP of damage with both Renzokuken and Eden boosted to 250. This is the easiest way to defeat this monster and it should take about a hour to beat him. For defeating Omega, you get a Three Stars and "Proof of Omega" in the Tutorial.

II.Ultimate Junction
(100 of each specified magic required)
HP - Curaga (Max HP is 9999)
Str - Meteor/Ultima (Str is 250 or more)
Mag - your choice (strengthen your magic casting ability, the main character this matters for is Rinoa b/c her Angel Wing Limit Break)
Vit - Protect (Physical attacks barely hurt you)
Spr - Shell (Magic spells barely hurt you)
Spd - Haste (faster turns)
Luck - your choice (the higher the luck, the better of your chances of Odin/Gilgamesh helping you out in battle)
Elem-Def - Ultima, Flare (heals you from Flare magic and good defense against elemental magic; also helps more if you have 4 slots in Elem-Def)
ST-Attack - Drain (steal HP with normal attacks, works on some bosses)
ST-Def - Silence, Death, Aura, Esuna (Immune to silence, all other status ailments, instant death, limits disabled; also helps if you have 4 slots in ST-Def)
Abilities for party - HP+80%, Str+60 or +80, Rare Item, Mug, Revive, Recover, Move-Find, Treatment, Luck+50


III. GF Guide (Note: All GF's can be draw on Disk 4 from Ultimecia's guardians/bosses in her castle if you miss one)

Quezacolt/Shiva - Check Squall's computer in the classroom at the beginning of the game or Quistis will give you them at the front gate.

Ifrit - Defeat him inside of the Fire Cavern as part of the exam. Use Shiva and Blizzard magic.

Siren - Draw from the boss at the top of Dollet's Communication Tower.

Diablos - Use the Magic Lamp and defeat him. Draw Demi frrom him and use it against him for major damage. Easy Acquire Method - Fight him as soon as you get the lamp and board the train. At the beginning of the fight, cast Blind on him; that way, he can't hit your party with anything except Demi and Gravijga. With Selphie in your party make sure she keeps everyone alive with her Full-Cure Slot Limit Break after every time Diablos uses Gravijga on your party.  While you're HP is low, make full use of Squall and Zell's Limits to wear his HP down. He shouldn't take too long to get join you.

Brothers - Find and defeat them in the Tomb of the Unknown King. Cast Float on them to stop them from being cured by the earth.

Carbuncle - Draw from the bosses that attack Rinoa during the parade in Deling.

Levaithan - Draw from NORG in the basement of Balamb Garden.

Pandemona - Draw from Fujin in Balamb Town.

Cerberus - Defeat him in Galbabian Garden lobby near the end of Disc 2.

Alexander - Draw from Edea at the end of Disc 2.

Cactuar - Go to Cactuar Island and run into the giant cactus moving up and down. Cast Meltdown on him and keep summoning GFs, especially Leviathan and boost them as high as you can. And don't let up when it says he's about to run away.

Doomtrain - Go to Tear's Point and pick up the Solomon Ring before Lunatic Pandora is summoned. Next, get 6 Steel Pipes (Mug this from those Green and Yellow ape-like monsters near Deling City and the Tomb of the Unknown King) , 60 Remedies, and 6 Marlboro Tentacles (Mug Marlboros on the Island Closest Hell). Use Alexander's "Med Lev Up" to refine the 60 Remedies to 6 Remedies+'s.
Now, with all of these in your inventory, use the Solomon Ring to summon Doomtrain as your new GF.

Bahamut - Go to Warship Island, walk up to and talk to the glowing cylinder, which will ask 3 questions, which you get right or wrong, you'll have to fight a Ruby Dragon. Defeat these with Doomtrain. Answer the questions as follows: 1st answer to the first question, 2nd answer to the second question,
and the 3rd (it's hidden) for the last, which you'll have to fight Bahamut after the third question. Summon Doomtrain immediately and cast Shell on our party to protect against his "Mega Flare" attack. Cast Aura on your party and pummel him
with Limit Breaks until he joins your collection.

Eden - After defeating Bahamut, you'll notice that the cylinder has exploded. Make your way to the excavation site and fight Ultima Weapon. Draw Eden from him and cast Meltdown on him. If you have LionHeart for Squall, this guy is no problem when that attack kicks in.

Odin - Go to Centra Ruins (nearby Cactuar Island ) and defeat him. Depending on your luck stats, he'll appear time to time help you in battles.

Gilgamesh - Receive Odin before facing Seifer at the end of Disc 3 and Seifer will kill him. Gilgamesh will show up as his replacement.

Tonberry - After receiving Odin, go to the Centra Ruins again and fight 20 (or so) Tonberries. After killing the 20th (or so), the Tonberry King will appear. Defeat him wtih limits (especially LionHeart, Wishing Star, and Duel attacks) and add this GF to the list.

Phoenix - Use a Phoenix Pinion in battle.

Chocobo - Use a Gylsha Green in battle.

This is STILL my favorite Final Fantasy folks!!