Silent Bomber (PSone) Guide to Blow Away Bosses

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Ah, Silent Bomber. This was one of my favorite unknown hits on the PSone made by Bandai. I REALLY hope they make a sequel to this game as I've noticed that all the characters from this game were used as NPCs (non-playable characters) in the dot Hack series of games. I hope this boss guide helps out all those who are having trouble with this awesome game.


1. Anti-aircraft Defense 1 - Use Paralysis liquids to stun him and target his body with bombs.

2. Giant Cannon - Destroy all of the drones that come out of the walls. Then hit the cannon with a Paralysis liquid and hit the cannon with a couple of bombs.

3. Hardshells - Concentrate only on the one with fires the large cannon. Simply set of a Paralysis liquid to freeze all of them and target all of your bombs on him.

4. (Non-boss, but difficult) Protecting John and Jim - Divide your concentration on the Hardshells in front and the aircrafts in the rear. Take care of the Hardshells with some Napalms and 5-7 normal bombs on the aircrafts.

5. Anti-aircraft Defense 2 - Same as before but you'll have to use Paralysis liquids more often since it fires very rapidly.

6. Giant Hardshell - Jump onto his back and detonate a Paralysis liquid to freeze him and detonate 6-7 normal bombs in the first target. When the first target is destroyed jump on his back again and do the same to his torso target. Don't stay on his back too long or he'll hit you with his laserblade.

7. Blue Mist x 3 - Dodge their weapons by jumping and target them when they fly beside your platform to use their machine guns. When they fire their homing spheres at you use a Gravity liquid to shield yourself from them bumping into you. Jump to dodge their air charge.

8. Bio-Creature Queen - Target the red dots on either side of her head with 6-7 bombs and use a Napalm/Gravity liquid on her children that chase you. Jump to avoid her floor-shaking rifts.

9. Blue Mist General - When he drops his shield and sends his saws toward you, set 7 bombs on his saws. When he retracts them back to his shoulders, set them off for major damage. Be careful as his life decreases, he attacks with other weapons as well as use his saws. Dodge the weaponry and continue the target and detonate pattern.

10. (Non-Boss, but Very Difficult) Protect Annri from Bio-Creatures - Keep the bio-creatures away from Annri and nail them all at once (groups of 3) with combination of surrounding them with bombs and setting off some Napalm/Gravity liquids. Or lure them to one of the 4 destructible computer stations to assault them with bombs and the flames of the explosion.

11. Benoit's Game of Chess Using the Brain Room - Prep for this by setting your E-Unit as follows: Bomb 5, Range 11, Shield 60. The first 2 kinds of pieces aren't too much of a problem. The next 2 pieces Benoit uses on you next are pretty annoying as they try to bumb into you and rarely stop for you to get a target lock on. The short one stops only in corners and the tall one stops anywhere else. After beating this set of pieces you'll get 2 Life+10%'s. Next, things will get harder as you'll have to fight a new piece which is shielded from your target lock until it unleashes it's attack which will take off 20-30% of Jutah's health, and it's assisted by those 2 pieces you fought first. I suggest you destroy or dodge the assisting pieces but keep an eye on the shielded piece until it drops it shield. Then destroy it before it can hit you with it's attack. Finally, you'll face the shielded pieces 1 on 1 (about 12) which is simple if you blow it up before it can hit you. Beat all of them and you'll be rewarded with a Life+50%. Now get ready to face...

12. Benoit w/ Brain Room Power - Use the same E-Unit setup as for the chess game. Keep in mind that the Benoit that is glowing green is the true Benoit. Air Charge or target Benoit when tries or gets a target lock on you. When Benoit's giant hologram tries to grab you, Air Charge (Double tap Jump button) downwards toward the screen (if he tries to grab you from under you) or Air Charge diagonally down-left or down-right if he tries to grab you in the corresponding direction. If you do manage to be grabbed by him, target 5 bombs quick at the hologram to break the hold. After the 3 Benoits set 8 bombs down and detonate them, locate the true Benoit and target 4-5 bombs to deal some decent damage. Benoit
will normally follow up with a hologram grab, a spread energy beam from him and his doubles, or both. Defeat Benoit and enjoy the ending. Save your game after the ending credits to play the game in Advanced Mode when you load the file.

Yes, for those who have noticed this is my same exact guide from my older site, but heck, there's someone out there who will appreciate this.