Emulator downloads
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The GBA and SNES emulators are wonderful consoles but many like me, didn't have a chance to play all the great games that came out or just came out for them, like some of the import titles and good games you find here.

Download one of these emulators first to play the roms below.

Zsnes 1.30 - Snes emulator, works on Windows' DOS program. One of the best emulators on the net in my opinion.



Super Punch-Out
Most people who owned a NES remember the classic Punch-Out/Mike Tyson's Punch-Out and fighting Mike Tyson at the end of all of those wonderful and challenging other opponents to be KO'd in at ring of the bell by Tyson's one hit KO. Here's the sequel that few people knew about. This is another of Nintendo's games that should get some praise on their newer consoles.



Gundam Wing: Endless Duel (Japanese)
This is hands down one of the best fighting games out there for the SNES graphically and gameplay wise. In some ways I find this game to be superior to Bandai's current Battle Assault series of Gundam games. This title should be released stateside with all the extra characters that the BA series has. Even if you're not fans of the series this game is still worth a look. 


Hyper Iria (Japanese)
I've been a big Iria fan for a while now and I finally found that they gave her a game back in the day. Iria was the first anime I saw next to Robotech and Voltron and this game gives respect to everything she does best.


Download Hyper Iria (Japanese)