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Sup Peeps! Welcome to my new site for discussion of anime, video games, and more. Trust me people this site is gonna be better than my ol' Gamers' EXP site.

Welcome back folks for the ride of your lives. ZX is back with a vengance. This time I'll be hosting my stories from here along with some newer video game strategies and opinions on anime, gaming, and numerous other topics.

Also, now I will be assisted and helped on this site by my fellow artists and writers with each their own page and/or gallery or a link to their site featuring what they are good at. Once I get them all assembled they'll be all glad to introduce themselves by the way of their personalized pages on this site.

**UPDATES** - I've changed my Lady strategy in my DMC3 guide since I've found a way easier method to beat her.
***Upcoming Projects***
Anime/Gaming Reviews
Greatest Moments in Gaming (my personal gaming favs and why)