Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes - Outfoxing Foxhound Guide
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Boss Strategies
  1. Revolver Ocelot - Run around the room while keeping an eye on his number of bullets remaining. When he runs out, return fire at him while he's reloading. Repeat until he's defeated. Also make sure you don't touch the president in the middle unless it's an instant Game Over. Bullets and Rations are in the corners of the room if you need it.
  2. Vulcan Raven in Tank w/ 2 Genome Soldiers - If you picked up some of the mines before encountering the tank (crawl over mines to pick them up, I suggest you do that these are really helpful later in the game), lay them down in the tank's path and it will stop it's treads, giving you enough time to toss grenades into the top of the tank. Blow away the first gunner and another will appear but he's just as easy as the first. I suggest you stay really close to the tank as it can't use it's cannon if you do. If you're really having problems use a chaff grenade to buy you some more time to toss those grenades in the top of the tank.
  3. Cyborg Ninja - For the first part of the fight, hit him with ONLY punch/kick combos, unless Ninja will get mad and hack you down with his sword. When he starts teleporting and waiting for you to find him, use your Thermal Goggles to find him easier or look for shadows on the ground or in the corners as there's only about 4 places where he always hides. Once you find him give him another punch/kick combo to knock him to his senses. Once he starts shorting out, don't get near him but toss grenades at him to finish him off.
  4. Psycho Mantis - While he's controlling Meryl either use a punch/kick combo to stun her or simply use a stun grenade to knock her out. Now the real fight begins. Equip the FA-MAS and by now your controller shouldn't be working. Unplug your controller from the console and put it into port 4 (put it in port 2 if you're playing the PSone original). Now Mantis can't read your thoughts aka your controller. Mantis freaks out now and begins tossing furniture at you. Use your FA-MAS and other firearms to shoot down or dodge the objects the best you can and get your hits in on Mantis too. Thermal Goggles help too when he teleports around the room. Keep the pressure up on him and he'll fall shortly.
  5. Sniper Wolf Round 1 - Equip your PGS1 and use some Diasepalm (not sure if that's the right spelling) to steady your nerves when trying to snipe her. Don't stay in one spot for too long as Wolf will pick up on your location and snipe you sooner or later.
  6. Torture Scene - Give in to the torture, Meryl dies and you get the Stealth camo (turns you invisible and enemies can't see you) when you finish the game. Don't give in, Meryl lives and you get the Bandana (infinite ammo).
  7. Sniper Wolf Round 2 - I'll tell you the easiest way to beat her. As you enter the area run to the far right and behind the hill. Equip your Nikita launcher and use your remote control rocket seek her out. Wolf won't get a hit off you as she can't see you from behind the hill. Plus it's funny to see her run from your Nikita.
  8. Liquid Snake in Helicopter -
  9. Vulcan Raven -
  10. Metal Gear REX Round 1 - Use Stinger missiles to destroy that cone
  11. Metal Gear REX Round 2 -
  12. Liquid Snake on top of REX -
  13. Highway chase vs. Liquid -

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