Zone of Enders 2 2nd Runner - Guide to Ending Bosses
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Zone of the Enders, the mech game series that revolutionized the genre of action games with its stunning graphics and gameplay. This sequel took everything that was awesome about the original and made it even better with a new lead character and awesome boss fights and weaponry. I've beaten this game at least 10 times on Hard and still having fun with the Versus and Extra Mission modes. This is hands down one of the must owns for PS2. Plus it's another great piece of work from Hideo Kijima, creator of the Metal Gear franchise.


  1. Ardjet - This is easy. Use your homing lasers to destroy her homing missiles and when she drops her shield after her energy blast attack rush in for an easy sword combo or two.
  2. Nephtis - Look around the room for metal bars to grab and hurl at her. This is the only way to damage Nephtis.
  3. Anubis 1st Encounter - Try if you want but this fight is intended for you to lose.
  4. Vic Viper - For most people on their first time through this is one of the most challenging fights in the game because you only have Geyser to aid you in this fight. First of all, attempt to hit him with your homing lasers while he's in his jet form. When his computer says "Mode Change" hit him with Geyser for you can sword combo him. Or if you're daring, clash swords with him (you're gonna need to learn this skill for a boss fight later down anyway) and keep doing it until he's thrown off balance. He'll be wide open for combos then. As the fight wears on, his attacks become stronger and he gets faster. He adds in new attacks called "Shield" that creates 3 orbs around him for protection and "Funnel" that does loads of damage in his jet form since it's an assist unit that duplicates his projectile attacks. Note: For replays with all subweapons unlocked, use Zero Shift while he's in jet form to really surprise him and either hit him with just 2 Homing Missiles and say Good Bye Vic Viper.
  5. Nephtis 2nd Encounter - Do just like before but this time hold the shield button when you grab those metal plates to guard against her body crash attack. She'll be stunned for a moment, long enough for a combo, throw, or slammed a few times against the wall with Gauntlet.
  6. Nephtis 3rd Encounter - This is an continuation of the last fight but this is even more easier. Just wait for her to attempt her body crash and move at the last second and Gauntlet her to the barrier. Combo her there and repeat.
  7. Nephtis 4th Encounter - This fight is so annoying with the new enemy Clods in the area as well. Make sure you know how to switch targets. Do like the last 2 encounters and fight a Clod until he's reduced to the weaker Raptor state and grab him as a shield as Nephtis charges in for a body crash or throw it at her to stop her. Then immediately follow up with relentless blows into the wall with Gauntlet. She should be toast quickly.
  8. Ardjet w/ Viola A.I. - This is like one of the hardest fights in the game period. Number one, remember stay close to Ardjet b/c if you're not around Viola cause damage to Ken and you don't want a Game Over do you? Number two, don't try to attack her at all during this fight. Decoy is your friend for her multi-missiles just don't let her get close to you when she does this attack as if she grabs you it's an instant Game Over as all those missiles are shoved down Jehuty's throat. Number three, the ONLY time you have a chance to grab Ardjet and delete Viola's A.I. is crossing swords with her at the same time successfully three times in a row. After the third she'll be thrown off balance for a quick grab. DON'T hesistate! Grab her and hold/mash L2 to make the deletion go faster. This fight is even harder on replays through the game on higher difficulties.
  9. Inhert Part 1 - Lloyd likes to use his favorite subweapons, Floating Mine, Homing Missile, and Decoy a lot. Fortunately, he's a sucker for Decoy as well. Keep him busy with that and sneak up onto him with a combo or Gauntlet smash into the nearby walls and obstacles as a wake up call for that old man. Keep this up until half of his life is gone.
  10. Inhert Part 2 - Now Lloyd is being serious with Dingo now and shows off Inhert's true power in the dark. Listen to Ada's directions and work your way towards Lloyd. Guard his melee assault until his blades turn red (this signifies that his guard is down) and counter with a combo of your own. He'll run away and repeat this method. He tosses in Decoy a bit to fool you when he's almost dead as well but that shouldn't be too much of a problem.
  11. Anubis 2nd Encounter - Like at the end of the original ZOE and the first time you fought this guy, Anubis clearly has the speed advantage. Combos are useless here so when he gets close, use a Dash Slash (Hold L2 and hit Square button) at him to damage him. Three to Five of these should trigger the next cutscene.
  12. Zakat - Stay close to it and grab the wall plates off its shield to guard against it's heavy beam attacks. When it's shield is down, dash for it's core and go combo crazy on it. When it's life guage is down by half, it'll switch to its Orbital Frame mode. Those purple Floating Mines can be destroyed with Comet or your homing lasers. Stay close to its head as this is the new weak point. Treat that as you did the core and watch this guy turn into scrap metal.
  13. Battle of Aumaan - Unless you going for a S or SS rating on this assignment, just worry about keeping at least one or two squads alive. Phalanx is your best friend for this mission as its destroys those Raptors with ease but watch out for your comrades too. Use Geyser to repair their shields and Vic Viper will handle the rest of the repairs on that LEV. By the way, you can grab Vic Viper and use him as a weapon! Leo gets mad but it's a nice treat to try out.
  14. Anubis 3rd Encounter - With Zero Shift you're easily able to make short work of Anubis, but isn't this a bit too easy?
  15. Anubis Compressed Space - This is about as hard as the fight with him after the Inhert battle even with Zero Shift. There's a pattern to his attacks to memorize: Dodge the energy burst and ZS towards him for a Dash Slash. Keep doing this, but take note his attacks are faster and more damage the closer he is to defeat. Plus there's a glitch you have infinite subweapon energy if you are doing this fight with all subweapons from start so feel free to use Mummy if you need it if that's the case.
  16. Aumaan Anubis - Oddly this fight is slightly easier than the last fight. Just keep the pressure up with Zero Shift and don't give him a second to breathe from your Dash Slash into blade combos. He'll go down quickly and you can give yourself a pat on the back for finishing this awesome game.
  17. *Naked Jehuty (Bonus Battle if you found him in the area after you acquire Zero Shift) - This guy is insanely powerful. I highly recommend you stay away from him at all costs. His blade attacks are so powerful you'll die with one hit. Need a way for him not to hit you? Decoy is your friend here. Decoy and combo away at his life guage. Defeat him and acquire the usage of this Orbital Frame in VS Mode.
  18. *Aumaan Anubis (Bonus Battle if you use Vector Cannon on your second playthrough w/ all subweapons unlocked on the wall in the area where you are supposed to destroy the 2 reactors for the gate before encountering Nephtis the second time) - This is HIGHLY easier than he was at the end of the game in my opinion.

I haven't completed all of the Extra Missions yet and I just got all the characters unlocked for Vs. mode. That data will be coming soon.