Final Fantasy VII - Ruby Weapon Guide and More
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Ah, Final Fantasy 7, the game that hooked so many of us into the FF franchise. Still I'm one for saying FF8 was better, but still this was the first one to wow and hook me in a way games rarely do to me with its gripping plot (but incomplete ending...*sighs*) and wonderful characters.



Defeating Ruby WEAPON(Cloud only, no other members)

Weapon: Apocalypse / Ultima Weapon (your choice; either gain triple experience from Ruby w/ Apocalypse or normal experience with Ragnarok; or none with Ultima Weapon)
Materia: Counter-Mime, Knights of the Round-HP Absorb, Final Attack-Revive(mastered), Enemy-Skill, Shield(mastered),HP Plus(2,or at least HP is 9999)
Accessories: Ribbon (of course)
Armor: Fire Armlet
Strategy: When the battle starts, cast Shield on yourself, for protection against Ruby's magic and physical attacks. Next cast Knights of the Round. Whenever he casts Ruby Flame, it heals you. Cast Shield again when it wears off and keep casting Shadow Flare, you'll against if as an Enemy-Skill. If you mess up, you're got 5 more chances, with Final Attack-Revive.


Hard to get materia

This is a guide to some of the hardest to get materia in the game.

1) Underwater
Go to the underwater reactor under Junon (nearby the Corel Prison) with the sub. Morph the Ghost Ship enemy and you will get the guide book, take it to the Traveler in Kalm to getthe Underwater materia which stops the timer when fighting Emerald Weapon.

2) Knights of the Round
To get this awesome summon spell you will need to breed a gold chocobo and go to a island that is not on the map but its in the top right corner. In the cave on the island you will find the ultimate summon spell that does 70,000+ damage when used once!

3) Bahamut ZERO
Stop the train from smashing through North Corel, get the huge blue materia. When the
materia is in Cosmo Canyon take Bahamut and Neo Bahamut to it and you will get the summon.

4) Master Summon
Master all of the summon spells in the game and take them to the huge red materia at Cosmo Canoyn

5) Master Magic
Master all of the magic spells in the game and take them to the huge green materia at Cosmo Canoyn

6) Master Command
Master all of the command materias in the game and take them to the huge yellow materia at Cosmo Canoyn

7) Final Attack
Attacks with a magic as you are about to die, get it after winning the special battle
in the battle arena.

*Breeding Chocobos*

This section will guide you with chocobo breeding. Note: ALWAYS save before breeding, that way if you don’t get the offspring you want, reset, load, and try again.

How to Catch Chocobos

To catch chocobos you will need the Chocobo Lure Materia which can be bought from the chocobo ranch near Midgar. It will cost 2000 Gil. You will also need some greens.
I have found that Tantal work the best and also Gyrsal work well, they are both cheep
Tantal costs 400 Gil and Gyrsal only costs 100 Gil. Anyway, to catch a chocobo
you will need to equip the Chocobo Lure Materia and you will need to walk around on
chocobo tracks that can be located on various places around the world map.
When it goes into combat if you have got one it will play surfer type music
and then you will see a chocobo with some monsters. First feed the chocobo some
greens by going to ITEM on the combat menu screen and feeding it the greens.
Then as soon as it has got its head down attacks the monsters, when they
are dead you will have caught a chocobo.

Types of Chocobos

This section tells you where to find the different types of chocobos and also tells
you what chocobo Billy's comments mean.

Type: Where: Bill's assessment:

Weak Chocobo Ranch area. 'I can't realy recomend this one'
Poor Icical area. 'This one does not seem to be very good'
Medicro Rocket Town area. 'This Chocobos so so'
O.K Wutai area,Junon area. 'This is a pretty average chocobo'
Good Gold Saucer area,Mideel area. 'This chocobo seems to be good'
Great Mideel area. 'This is a great chocobo'
Wonderful Icicle area. 'This is a wonderful chocobo'

Breeding Nuts

These nuts are needed for breeding normal yellow chocobos and can bought from the chocobo ranch and won from enemies around the Gold Saucer area.

Pepio Nut - 100 Gil
Luchile Nut - 200 Gil
Saraha Nut - 400 Gil
Lasan Nut - 600 Gil

The nuts below can only be bought from the Chocobo Sage and can't be won.

Pram Nut - 1500 Gil
Porov Nut - 2000 Gil

The nuts below are needed for breeding special chocobos and can't be bought.

Carob Nut - By the Chocobo Sage's dwelling, steel from a big red beast (don't worry they are easy to beat).
Zeio Nut - On Goblin (NE) Island, steel from Goblins (these are also easy beat).

Feeding chocobos with as many quality greens as you can afford increases the chances of
getting the chocobo you want when breeding.

Name Speed+ Intelegence+ Stamina+ Location Price

Gysahl No No Yes Chocobo Farm 100 Gil
Krakka No Yes No Chocobo Farm 250 Gil
Tantal Yes Yes Yes Chocobo Farm 400 Gil
Pashana No No Yes Chocobo Farm 800 Gil
Curiel Yes No Yes Chocobo Farm 1000 Gil
Mimett Yes No Yes Chocobo Farm 1500 Gil
Reagen Yes No Yes Chocobo Sage 3000 Gil
Sylkis Yes Yes Yes Chocobo Sage 5000 Gil

Note: Chocobo Farm is located by Midgar and the Chocobo Sage can be found in
a little house in the icical area.

Breeding 'Special' Chocobos

The ways I have given to breed 'special' chocobos are different from what the chocobo
sage tells you, but still work, anyway I have put the ways to get the best quality
special chocobos.

Note: All of chocobos that you want to breed should be fed lots of greens first. Plus remember to save BEFORE you breed chocobos. Then if you don't get your desired chocobo just reload your save and try again as the results are random.

Can climb mountains.

Wonderfull + Great using a Carob nut

Can also produce: Another Yellow

Can cross rivers.

Great + Great using a Carob nut

Can also produce: Another Yellow

Can cross mountains & rivers.

Green + Blue using a Carob Nut

Can also produce: Another Green, Another Blue

4)Gold (finaly!)
Can cross over seas, rivers and mountains.

Black (S Rank) + Yellow (Wonderful) using a Zeio Nut

Can also produce: Another Yellow,Another Black

Note: If you want to get this chocobo you best feed both chocobos that you
are using for breeding 99 Sylkis greens (yes I know it costs a fortune but it is worth the trouble).


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