Chrono Cross (PSone) - Guide for the Hardest Bosses

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The sequel to the all time Squaresoft classic, Chrono Trigger, was just as good as the original. Still, there were some troublesome bosses to stand in your way to victory.


1. Garai (Isle of the Damned) - With the party of Lynx, Irenes, and Zappa, be aggressive and use your best offensive elements. Bring plenty of curative elements and especially Revive elements (HP: 1,987)
2. Miguel (Tower of Geddon) - With the party of Lynx, Irenes, and Zappa, do the same as the Garai battle. Watch out for his "HolyDragSword" element as it'll instantly kill a party member, especially Lynx since his innate color. (HP: 1,950)
3. Dario (Forbidden Island , optional) - He's impossible to defeat on your first playthrough the game unless you have a Black Plate stolen from the Black Dragon (use Fargo's Pillage element to steal it). I suggest that you wait until you turn back into Serge to complete this battle. (HP: 3,500)
4. Sky Dragon - (Sky Dragon Isle) - If you want to steal the White Plate from him, bring Fargo and use his "Pillage" element. Lynx's "Forever Zero" element works well on this boss. Before Sky Dragon casts his UltraNova element to finish you off (trust me, this will wipe your party out) set a trap element to steal the element for yourself leaving him with minor White elements. (HP: 3,900)
5. Polis Police (Chronopolis) - With the White Plate equipped to Serge, this guy is easily defeated. (HP: 3,200)
6. Gravitor & Luxator (Terra Tower) - These are 2 different boss fights but easily defeated with either the Black/White Plates equipped. Plus they both have summon elements worth trapping, Unicorn (from Luxator) and Mothership (from Gravitor). (HP: 3,000 each)
7. Time Devourer (Terra Tower) - Before this fight equip your Black element character, preferably Grobyc, with the White Plate for protection against TD's White elements since Serge will most likely get killed in this battle no matter what. This will be helpful when he's in his Black & White innate stages. (HP: 2,000 x 6 separate times)

Good Ending - Cast the Chrono Cross element after ordering the elements in this order: Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Black, White on the Time Devourer at Opassa Beach.