Megaman X5 Guide to Eliminating the Sigma Virus
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Next to Megaman X2 and X3, this is one of the few X series titles to feature multiple endings depending on how your success is throughout the story, namely saving the world in those 16 hours you start out with. Time can run out but it's not game over as you have multiple ways to reach this game's 6 (I believe) endings.
Note: After it's release, this guide will include all the X series games from the Megaman X Collection, along with X5. X5 was my second favorite PSone X series game, next to X4.

Maverick Guide (weapons best effective)

Intro - Sigma - Hit him in the blue button when he opens his mouth
1. Grizzly Slash - (X) X-buster/ Spike-Ball; (Zero) Z-Saber combos
2. Duff McWhalen - (X) C-Shot; (Zero) C-Sword
3. Squid Adler - (X) Gel Shaver; (Zero) F-Splasher/ C-Sword
4. Izzy Glow - (X) Tri-Thunder; (Zero) E-Blade
5. Dynamo - (Zero) C-Sword (stay close)
6. Dark Dizzy - (X) F-Laser; (Zero) C-Flasher
7. The Shiver - (X) Dark Hold + X-Buster; (Zero) Dark Hold + C-Sword
8. Dynamo - (Zero) C-Sword
9. Mattrex - (X) Wing Spiral; (Zero) W-Shredder/ C-Sword
10. Axle the Red - (X) Grand Fire; (Zero) C-Sword/ Quaker Blazer

Sigma No Data Area Bosses
11. Jelly Robot (his return from Megaman 8)- (X, Fourth Armor) X-Buster/ Tri-Thunder (touch him and it's instant death); (Zero) C-Sword, E-Blade
12. Mechanical Face  (his return from the original Megaman X)- (X, Gaea Armor) X-Buster; (Zero) C-Sword
13. True Zero(Alternate storyline only, if you ran out of time getting the rocket or cannon parts) - (X, Gaea Armor) X-Buster(keep moving and stay close to him)
13. Zero(gone Maverick; only if used X in this stage) - (X,Gaea/ Falcon Armor) X-Buster
13. X(gone Maverick; only if used Zero in this stage) - C-Sword (keep moving as his X-buster shots can wear down Zero quickly)
14 - 22. Mavericks again - same as before
23. Sigma (1st encounter) - (X) X-buster/ Tri-Thunder; (Gaea Armor) X-buster (shoot it when he jumps and stay on the walls); (Zero) C-Sword/ E-Blade
24. Sigma (2nd encounter) - (X) X-buster; (Gaea Armor) X-buster; (Zero) F-Splasher

Armor Guide

1. Fourth Armor

Features: damage is halved, Plasma X-buster, charge up special weapons, hover jets, but no Giga Attack
Acquired By: Starting the game as X

2. Gaea Armor
Features: Damage is cut by about 60-70%, Gaea Buster can break special blocks and cancel energy shots, stick to walls, jumps are limited because of weight, spike traps do no damage to X, only can use X-buster and Giga Attack (X's version of Power Megaman armor from Megaman 6)
Acquired By: (1)Body - Dark Dizzy (Use F-Laser on the door at the bottom of the pit before fighting him);
(2)Arms -Mattrex (Use Falcon Armor to reach it before fighting him); (3)Head - The Shiver (after the first elevator, fly up to it with Falcon Armor before getting on the next platform that takes you to the second elevator); (4) Leg - Axle the Red (fly up the shaft of spikes with Falcon Armor above the Wirehook lines)

Falcon Armor
Features: not truly invincible while flying, laser X-buster, use special weapons w/o charging (X's version of Jet Megaman armor from Megaman 6)
Acquired by: (1) Body - Duff McWhalen (charge up Gel Shaver, you can't miss this one); (2) Arm - Grizzly Slash (climb up the crack in the cavern after jumping off the trucks before you fight him); (3) Head - Squid Adler (Get all the X sparks while riding on the Land Chaser; I'll say it now this is VERY HARD!!); (4) Leg - Izzy Glow (In a hole in the ceiling, one of those orb machines should shoot one at you. Dodge it and destroy the machine w/ C-Sword or C-Shot and behind the wall is the capsule.)

4. Ultimate Armor
Features: damage is halved, unlimited Nova Strike, Plasma X-Buster, charge up special weapons, hover jets
Acquired by: Go to No Data Area 3 w/ normal X (no armor) and get to the part after all the spike traps and drop down the pit and slide down the right wall to the opening in the wall. Shocked that you got so far w/o armor, Dr. Light will give you the Ultimate Armor.

NOTE: To get both Ultimate Armor for X and the Black Armor for Zero, get one of them and get game over and contine and get the other one.

Black Armor Zero
Features: Shippuuga Z-Saber(from X4, destroys energy shots), damage halved, Z-Saber attack power increased (it's as strong as the Plasma X-buster)
Acquired by: Go to No Data Area 3 w/ Zero and get to the part after all the spike traps and drop down in the pit with the hover platform to the left. Slide down the right wall until you reach the opening in the wall. Dr. Light gives Zero the armor as he believes that he'll do the right thing with it.